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It may be hard to believe that banking needs any explanation, but in recent years new technology has changed the face of nearly every traditional banking operation.  

Tellers have discarded adding machines and cash drawers in favor of sophisticated software and machines that automate the process of dispensing and accepting currency.

Financial Institutions are imaging checks at the teller line in order to reduce courier costs and impact on the environment while increasing accuracy and funds availability for customers.

Businesses are being given the freedom to control their own banking activities by depositing their checks and cash from their own location instead of travelling to the bank.

Consumers continue to see increased functionality within online banking websites offered by their financial institution, which will ultimately lead to the same self-service offerings that businesses enjoy today.


Burroughs has helped make many of these innovations possible, from Remote Deposit Capture technology to advanced Merchant Cash Automation - Retail solutions and more, so we’ve got the expertise required to help you understand the Why, What, and How in each new banking advancement.


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For Financial Institutions

SmartSource Intelligence (SSI) device performance monitoring software gives you a firsthand look at every scanner in your network, alerting you to potential problems before they affect operations. SSI provides you the ability to remotely monitor thousands of scanners operating in your network.

SSI allows you to track scanner statistics such as item volumes, MICR reject rates, image quality suspect rates and scanner exception rates remotely by branch, region, and enterprise, without interfering with your institution’s application software.

For more in-depth information about SmartSource Intelligence and other Burroughs solutions,contact a Burroughs Product Specialist to learn more!


For Business

Merchant Cash Automation makes it possible to secure, track, and deposit cash on location. Learn more about it now!

Remote Deposit Capture enables you to deposit checks right from your office. Learn more about it now!