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Burroughs Payment Systems & Silver Bullet Technology join forces to sell SmartSource® Intelligence
3/2/2010 7:43:00 AM by Burroughs
Burroughs Payment Systems and Silver Bullet Technology join forces to market and sell SmartSource® Intelligence

PLYMOUTH, Mich. – Burroughs Payment Systems and Silver Bullet Technology have entered into a joint development and marketing agreement where Burroughs Payment Systems will market and sell the powerful monitoring solution, SmartSource Intelligence (SSI). 
“Financial institutions have deployed thousands of check scanners in recent years and are now facing the monumental task of keeping these devices functional. SmartSource Intelligence provides the ability to closely monitor their network of scanners to help them determine whether devices are malfunctioning and take proactive action,” said Alan Howard, president and CEO of Burroughs Payment Systems. 
Sterling Savings Bank,based in Spokane, Wash., is the first to implement SSI software providing it the “operational intelligence” needed to proactively address scanner problems before they impact its customers. 
“As our industry moves from centralized to decentralized check scanning, powerful new tools are need to monitor the health and quality of scanning devices in the field.  SSI allows banks to proactively monitor their mission-critical devices without interfering with tellers or existing software applications,” said Bryan Clark, CEO of Silver Bullet Technology. 
SSI remotely tracks the number of devices, the number of documents scanned, exception data (MICR rejects, image quality suspects, and device exceptions) without interfering with the application software. SSI’s powerful reporting tools can indicate whether devices are malfunctioning and identify the locations where problems are occurring from an easy-to-implement web-based solution.  SSI is able to track data from not only the SmartSource Series of scanners from Burroughs Payment Systems but virtually all manufacturers’ check scanners on the market today. SmartSource Intelligence is available now.   For more information, contact us at:
About Burroughs Payment Systems
Burroughs is a Plymouth, Mich.-based global provider of document and payment processing image technology, cash automation solutions and services to financial institutions and retailers.  The company's products provide banks and commercial customers with safe, secure and prompt document and cash processing which improves operational efficiencies and payment security. With more than 100 years of history, Burroughs is recognized as the industry leader in image processing technology from web-enabled branch and merchant capture devices to high-speed reader/sorters in some of the largest payment processing centers worldwide.  For more information, please visit
About Silver Bullet Technology
Pensacola, Fla.-based Silver Bullet Technology is a recognized expert in check scanner software development, resulting in a global reputation for providing advanced Check 21 tools and impeccable technical support and services. Silver Bullet works directly with financial institutions, scanner manufacturers and software vendors to make check scanners plug-and-play compatible with existing software solutions. For more information, visit
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