SmartSource Expert Check Scanners

The SmartSource Expert check scanner series, with its built-in network interface card, allows you to process deposits without the use of a local PC.

Check scanners with on-board processing eliminate security risks by performing quality and security analysis at the time of capture. The SmartSource Expert series comes with the same set of features available on our popular Professional check scanner series.  Standard features include an auto-feeder with an open feeder design for improved productivity, Magnetic Ink Character recognition (MICR) reader, and image cameras. You choose the speed, hopper capacity, number of output pockets, and endorsement that matches your workload requirements. Optional features like Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and front franking are available for special application needs such as remittance processing or remote deposit capture. Many of these features can be upgraded at your location (on-line) as your business requirements expand.

Using the same advanced technologies released on the Burroughs medium and high-speed check transports, the SmartSource Expert check scanner comes standard with features and flexibility enabling you to increase operational efficiencies while driving down costs.

The SmartSource Expert is engineered to process high volumes of daily items, yet it requires minimal maintenance. When needed, cleaning is easy.

Burroughs Check Scanner Support Services

Burroughs also provides a range of on-site maintenance services for financial products, including ATM service, remote deposit capture support, ATM outsourcing, and more. Whether you purchase the SmartSource Expert, or an Intelligent Safe, protect your investment with a maintenance contract from Burroughs.

SmartSource Expert Check Scanner Brochure pdf file 

Burroughs and ESL Federal Credit Union Case Study pdf file

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Our Customers Say it Best!

“We love the SmartSource Expert Scanner and technical support from both Burroughs and Open Solutions. It has been phenomenal.”
– Jamie L. Ciccone, Member Service Support Manager, ESL Federal Credit Union

Why Choose SmartSource Expert?
  • IP connectivity (optional) works well in Citrix implementations, allowing you to simplify network manageability and administration requirements.
  • 99.9% accuracy in MICR character and amount recognition leads to less manual keying and Day 2 return processing.
  • Scalable hardware options enable you to customize imaging solutions by location while still maintaining a common platform of devices.