SmartSource® Professional Elite Check Scanner

The SmartSource® Professional Elite is a compact and economical check scanner optimized for teller and remote deposit capture solutions.

The SmartSource Professional Elite incorporates the best features of the highly popular SmartSource Professional scanner.  With a throughput of 155 or 55 documents per minute, the SmartSource Professional Elite check scanner from Burroughs provides the speed necessary to process large deposits.  Standard features include ID card scanning and a high-resolution, 4-line rear ink-jet endorser for printing text, logos and graphics. These features along with quiet operation, ease of use and one of the smallest footprints in the industry make the SmartSource Professional Elite scanner ideal for teller capture and remote deposit capture applications.

Why Choose the SmartSource Professional Elite Check Scanner from Burroughs?

Burroughs is proud to offer the SmartSource Professional Elite with a unique, same-day on-site service and maintenance plan. Burroughs now offers service plans on all financial hardware products, from ATM support services to Intelligent Safe Maintenance, we are available 24/7 to assist with any issue. Learn more about Burroughs financial hardware services, or request a quote on your new SmartSource Professional Elite check scanner and maintenance plan today.

SmartSource Professional Elite Spec Sheet pdf file

The Professional Elite Scanner is now certified on Acuant idScan® to streamline the ID Verification process - Press Release

Burroughs Offers On-site Same Day Maintenance pdf file

The SmartSource UV Elite scanner adds ultraviolet (UV) check fraud security to the SmartSource Professional Elite check scanner.  

Read more:  SmartSource UV Elite Scanner Spec Sheet pdf file

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