Intelligent Safe Networking Solution

Cache2Cash™ Managed Service for Banks.

Safes communicate to a Data Center through encrypted wireless technology.
Burroughs Cache2Cash networking solution enables retailers to:

  • Receive deposit credit for cash deposited into Burroughs SmartCash Vault
  • Reduce armored service cost, using web-based reports to better manage service-level agreements
  • Increase store management focus by eliminating cash handling activities 
  • Enforce best practices and improve staffing efficiency
    - Ensure drawer limit adherence
    - Manage change inventory with greater accuracy
    - Improve staffing model using real-time, local trend information
  • Know where your cash is every step of the way
  • Monitor store activity across the enterprise, in real-time, from a central location
    - Access cash totals in any and every networked safe
    - Track employee trends and behaviors from the corporate office

Cache2Cash Features:

  • Management Alerts by Location 
    – HQ and District management can stay informed
  • Remote User Management 
    – Add/delete users remotely
    – Remote view of Tube Dispenser unit for change fund
  • Remote Feature Update 
    – Add or change safe characteristics, such as receipt printing, reporting functions
    – Re-flash firmware when needed
    – Update new currency template
  • Mobile Application 
    – Designed for iOS and Android
  • Robust Reporting and Balancing
  • Easy Export to Excel
  • Supports Tidel Series 4 Accept and Dispense Units

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