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SmartCash Deposit Choice

Burroughs SmartCash Deposit Choice is a service that turns cash deposits made to a retail safe into a deposit made to your bank the same business day. Any bank. Every day. With an overall SmartCash solution – safe, installation, training, maintenance and real-time cloud access – any location receiving cash can put that cash to work sooner without going to the bank.

Retail locations insert their cash into a secure safe that verifies and counts the cash; the same business day the deposit is electronically transferred to the bank account of the retailers choice. Improved cash flows and labor savings will enhance return on investment and make business more effective.

  • No Need to Change Banks – Your deposit is wired to the bank of your choice every banking day.
  • Stop Counting Cash – Let the safe count it accurately, every time. Let your managers manage.
  • Safety and Security – Internal and external, only armored services can open the safe.
  • Reduce Armored Pick-ups – With daily credit, you only need a pick-up when the safe is full - maybe only once per week.
  • Same Day Funds Availability – Money in the safe at 10:00am is in your bank by 2:00pm same banking day.
  • You Choose – Own your safe or lease it.
  • Real-time Web Inquiry – Available for all safes with complete transaction details.
  • All-in Price – Includes safe, installation, training, maintenance, and deposit credit. No up-front payment.

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 For detailed information take a look at Cash Automation for Retail Solutions  pdf file

  • Burroughs provides a secure cash-counting safe from Tidel Engineering.
  • Configured as desired with bill acceptors, change dispense, note dispensers etc.
  • The safe can be purchased or leased.
  • Burroughs technicians will install the safe and train your employees.
  • The safe is on-line through cellular connection, with no internet required.
  • Five (5) years of on-site maintenance including parts and labor is included.
  • Users have unlimited real-time web access to all transactions in the safe.
  • Data is stored for 1 year, and can be exported into Excel for further analysis.
  • All cash in the safe at 10:00 am will be wired to the bank of your choice by 2:00 pm the same banking day.
How It Works

Burroughs places an Intelligent Safe at the cash accepting location. Throughout the day employees deposit all excess cash from the till into a bill reader. Each day, cash in the safe is purchased by our banking partner and the value is wired to the bank of the user’s choice.