SmartCash Intelligent Safe

Partnering with world-class financial institutions, Burroughs SmartCash Intelligent Safes enable retailers to make deposits into their accounts from the comfort of their own storefronts. 


Cash deposited in the SmartCash device is credited to their corresponding business account. 

Any retailer accepting more than $1,000 cash per day can

The SmartCash family of intelligent safes is an ideal cash management solution for any retailer that handles cash.  With an easy-to-use interface, retailers can enjoy the benefits of greater cash accountability, reduced shrink, counterfeit detection, enhanced cash storage, and a wealth of operational information.  Relevant data is electronically recorded and transmitted to authorized users enabling enterprise-wide visibility to important financial information. 

For detailed information take a look at Cash Automation for Retail Solutions  pdf file

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Small Businesses and Consumers

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