Perfect Image

Comprehensive post-capture image analysis

Perfect Image offers a single-call service to access character recognition (CAR/LAR/ICR/MICR), image quality and usability assessment functions, and image security functions. Perfect Image simplifies and streamlines access to image analysis functions, ensuring image suitability for electronic exchange. The Perfect Image service can be housed locally on a PC, centrally on a server, or in both locations on a single network. Your image processing needs determine the number of instances installed across that network- as your workflow changes from day to day the load balancing feature included with every Perfect Image installation ensures that no single Perfect Image instance will be overwhelmed.

Perfect Image Brochurepdf file
Device Suite and Perfect Image Capabilities Overview pdf file

Independent Components

Perfect Image analysis is completely customizable. Simply select which elements are necessary in your organization:

  • Character Recognition
  • Image Quality
  • Image Security
  • Data Mining
  • Image Clean Up
Image Clean-Up Tools