SoftCAR+ Diamond Edition

Exceptional out-of-the-box read rates for amounts

SoftCAR+ Diamond is rich in features and functions: courtesy and legal amount recognition (CAR/LAR), hand and machine print CAR/LAR, automatic amount detection, intelligent character recognition (ICR), multi-field user reports, an easy-to-use customization tool, mark sense detection, status monitor, integrated document type definitions, Windows system service and dongle free licensing for branch and remote deposit capture (RDC) environments.

SoftCAR+ Diamond Brochure pdf file

SoftCAR+ Diamond Capabilties Overview pdf file


Flexible Licensing
  • Enterprise
  • Branch
  • Merchant
  • Volume upgrade program
  • Upgrade program to Perfect Image
Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR)

Up to eight field reads per Item

  • 1st field is always primary CAR/LAR amount
  • Additional (7) ICR fields (including amount)

Multiple fonts

  • Hand print numeric, alpha-numeric
  • Hand or machine print multi-font / Omni-font
  • Machine print OCRA / OCRB and MICR (E13B / CMC7)