Printers and Printer Supplies

From the desktop to the data center, Burroughs provides a comprehensive range of printers including impact and laser printers, to meet your individual business requirements. Our print solutions are broken down into three categories based on monthly volume output:

  • Desktop printers are equipped to handle monthly volumes of less than 200,000 pages and are designed more for personal or light business usage.
  • Distributive network printers are built for shared usage environments and handle monthly volumes of 200,000 to 750,000 pages.
  • Production printers are required for high-speed output and are designed to accommodate volumes over 750,000 pages a month

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 TitleOwnerCategoryModified DateSize 
EF675 Compact Multifunction Teller Receipt Printer with MICRMarcie Caie 3/21/2012116.29 KBDownload
EF6000 High-Speed Two-Color Multifunction PrinterMarcie Caie 3/21/2012120.60 KBDownload
EF881 Compact Thermal Receipt Printer with Two-Color CapabilityMarcie Caie 3/21/2012112.51 KBDownload
Full Line of Burroughs PrintersMarcie Caie 8/20/2012273.15 KBDownload
EF881 Compact Thermal Receipt Printer with Two-Color CapabilityMarcie Caie 3/23/2012112.51 KBDownload
EF375 Compact Multifunction Teller Receipt PrinterMarcie Caie 3/21/2012111.19 KBDownload
Business and Financial Supply SolutionsMarcie Caie 3/23/2012356.91 KBDownload
BMS Statement Printers (BMS55/65/75/85/95/105ppm)Marcie Caie 3/23/2012242.19 KBDownload
DASCOM Tally Serial PrinterMarcie Caie 8/20/2012184.08 KBDownload
Burroughs Printers Powered by Oki Print TechnologyMarcie Caie 8/20/2012159.87 KBDownload
Business Supplies CatalogMarcie Caie 5/7/2012UnknownDownload
HP Compatible Laser TonerMarcie Caie 3/30/2012122.54 KBDownload