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Our network of over 600 field service engineers and support team members keep your ATMs and intelligent safes well-maintained and fully supported so you can focus on YOUR business.

Burroughs has provided industry-leading support for a diverse portfolio of cash automation products for over 20 years.  Our ongoing commitment to maintenance ensures prompt service for cash automation equipment with minimum downtime for your business, no matter where you’re located.

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Coast-to-coast coverage  

ATMs – from cash dispensers to imaging

Intelligent safes   

Branch automation equipment  

 Video tellers  

Assisted self-service  

Recycler systems

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See the Burroughs Difference

Burroughs field engineers are enrolled in a continuous education program which ensures that our technicians are qualified to solve most ATM issues the first time.

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Ongoing hardware maintenance plays an important role in making sure cash automation hardware, ATMs, and assisted self-service equipment function at peak efficiency at your financial institution.

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With a nationwide service network, Burroughs retail ATM and recycler maintenance programs deliver speedy, efficient technical support when you need it most. 

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Burroughs understands the complex nature of coordinating, implementing, and supporting technology in a variety of operating environments.  We handle compliance upgrades and project support with a nationwide network of expert project management professionals.

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Committed to providing premium smart safe maintenance and support.  Burroughs understands the specialized needs for both financial and retail markets.

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From ATM maintenance to service for smart safes and recyclers, Burroughs has provided industry-leading support and maintenance for over 20 years.

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Maintenance – the Burroughs Difference

Communication is the key to success.  Knowing the status of service calls and being able to view maintenance history in real time is available with eAccess – our customer web portal.

  • Save time with quick call placement.
  • Have information available when you want it.
  • Generate reports as needed.

Equipment status is updated continuously throughout each day with our Mobile-Tech application, a communication tool that puts supply chain and maintenance information at the fingertips of our technicians while keeping you informed.

Our field engineers keep you in the loop using this sophisticated mobile technology:

  • Updating the status of your equipment in real-time.
  • Searching our nation-wide supply chain for replacement parts.
  • Viewing chronic equipment issues for onsite trouble-shooting.
  • Attaching site images to service call data for faster problem-solving.
  • Continually improving our processes through direct feedback.

Optimize equipment uptime by opening a service call at the time of the fault.  Burroughs has an Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) set up with all of the major ATM switches which allows for calls to be placed automatically.  With information received from the network, the service call can be sent to the appropriate Burroughs field engineer within seconds.  All fault data and notes received are transmitted directly to the engineer via Mobile-Tech and can be monitored and reported on through eAccess.

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