Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions pertaining to Burroughs’ support of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) equipment, and we welcome additional questions here.

Q: How important is OEM certification to a service organization?
A: OEM certifications and partnerships represent one aspect of support, and Burroughs takes advantage of this when necessary. However, the true delivery of quality service and availability requires much more – it requires a dedication and culture committed to service excellence. Because we do not manufacture equipment or develop software, we dedicate resources to high quality service delivery each and every day, providing best-in-class uptime, and flexible solutions for your ATM and cash automation channel.

Q: How are Burroughs Engineers trained?
A: We perform primarily in-house training with dedicated staff. Our staff stays up to date on product changes through close integration with our clients, vendor partners, external sources and our product engineering/support group. In most cases, our product support engineering and training staff develop training coursework at our lab and technical support facilities. When and where necessary we have hired product support resources with specific experience.

Q: How do you support technicians on so many different models of equipment?
A: With the exception of certain basic types of equipment (retail cash dispensers for example), we always have between one and three devices of different form factors in our technical lab. These devices are an important component in supporting our training development, onsite classes and Level 2 / 3 technical support.

Q: From where does Burroughs get parts?
A: Parts quality is extremely important to us. Burroughs has developed an extensive network of suppliers, both OEM and 3rd party, from which we source parts.

Q: Can Burroughs pull diagnostics “trace” files from ATMs?
A: Yes, we routinely pull them for analysis in trouble-shooting.

Q: When an OEM releases a new ATM model, how long does it take Burroughs to get technicians trained on that model?
A: Burroughs provides support for new equipment functionality from between 0 to 180 days of product release. The range is dependent upon the complexity level of the equipment or change, including whether or not onsite training is deemed to be required. We work with our client or vendor partners to obtain equipment that Burroughs would own and utilize for our training and support needs.

Q: Do you need any documentation, training, etc. from an OEM in order to service that ATM?
A: No. We have performed our own internal training for OEM support for more than 20 years. This has given us the ability to tailor our training specific to our fleet and the real-world issues that our field engineers and tech support group encounter. It is also one of the reasons why we have co-located our training group with our Level 2/3 tech support.