Specialized Service and Support for Cutting-Edge Technology

When it comes to robotic automation systems, Burroughs is ready to provide multi-vendor, multi-device lifecycle services needed to ensure your systems deliver sustained performance.

  • Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR): These self-operating robots can navigate and perform tasks in various commercial, industrial, and mission-critical environments. That’s why you must have a trusted service partner to ensure your fleet is operational and secure 24/7/365.

  • Autonomous Delivery Systems: These systems use autonomous technology to navigate and deliver goods on their own, including last-mile delivery. Turn to Burroughs’ experienced technicians trained in our Centers of Excellence to ensure these devices are always running at their full potential.

  • Micro-Fulfillment Centers: Compact automated warehouses, also known as “dark stores,” located within or near retail stores can assist with efficient online order picking and packing or as direct delivery fulfillment, reducing delivery times and costs. No matter the device manufacturer, Burroughs has experience providing support to deliver continuous customer service.

  • Automated Material Handling Systems: Ranging from conveyor systems and robotic arms to other autonomous machinery like forklifts and tugs, these systems optimize material flow, reduce manual labor, and offer a strong ROI when paired with comprehensive device support.

  • Autonomous Guided Vehicles (AGV): Using built-in sensors, cameras, and navigation technology, autonomous guided systems work in manufacturing, warehouses, and distribution center applications to enhance efficiency.

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Balancing Scale and Expertise: A Strategic Partnership

As the landscape of robotic automation systems changes, you need a strategic service partner who has a first-mover advantage to help you leverage emerging technology to grow and scale your business. The Burroughs team has been supporting customers' technology services for more than 138 years.

Burroughs is equipped to address the evolving nature of robotic automation systems and tailor service and support solutions through our integrated Burroughs Digital Platform so your operations are aligned with the needs of your customers.  


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