Make life easier for your employees and customers.

The Burroughs team actively supports hundreds of thousands of devices at restaurants, stores, casinos, banks, and retailers across multiple equipment types. This means we have the manpower, OEM/vendor partnerships, remote monitoring, hardware, and software knowledge already in place to rapidly deploy, install, and service fleets at a national scale with the 24/7 support needed to keep equipment online, secure, and running smoothly for employees and customers.

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Invest in the Best Technology for Your Casino Floor.

Technology’s ability to improve customer experience is wholly dependent on your ability to keep it operational. Our team works with you to find both the right mix of devices and provides the level of service you need to proactively keep your systems up and running.

Whether it’s ATMs, cash recyclers, smart safes, gaming kiosks—or multi-function kiosks with Players Club enrollment, ticket-in ticket-out transactions, check cashing, ID scanning, bill breaking, or mobile betting capabilities—our solution-agnostic expertise means the only stake we have is in your success, not in a particular piece of hardware or software.

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Invest in the Best Technology for Your Casino Floor