TransacTec™ Device as a Service

Optimize your business operations without the capital expense.

Advanced branch functionality, security, maximized flexibility, and improved customer experience matter. Through our TransacTecTM Device as a Service program, you can enable an evolving ecosystem of multi-vendor products powered by our best-in-class OEM-agnostic support all under one simple monthly payment. Plus, we have a Channel Partner Program designed with financial institutions in mind.

You get the peace of mind that comes with automatic updates and predictable ongoing costs, while your customers get the peace of mind and experience they deserve.

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TransacTecTM Device as a Service (DaaS)


Leverage real-time provisional credit data and gain business insights with a total networked solution.

In addition to vetted hardware, software, and middleware from industry-leading OEMs, Burroughs provides your business peace of mind with offerings such as Cache2Cash® to help streamline day-to-day operations.

Cache2Cash®, a web reporting service, provides a total networked solution for better cash flow, simpler balancing, and the ability to scan and credit checks with seamless POS integration. With Cache2Cash®, you can leverage real-time provisional credit and transaction data to give your teams greater visibility into your business. Remote reporting for audit, balancing, and analysis purposes frees your loss prevention, operations, and finance teams to focus on revenue-generating tasks. And with remote check depositing, you can eliminate trips to the bank, saving additional time and resources.

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Cash Security


Support ATMs from any manufacturer for any deployment need.

From simple cash dispensing to imaging with bulk cash and check acceptance, our team can design an ATM solution that works for any deployment need.

Align your technology with your strategic goals. We can manage all of your new and existing cash management devices, including your own hardware on a single platform. From new and certified refurbished equipment to ongoing full lifecycle support, you can count on Burroughs’ OEM-agnostic technology expertise to help you get the best solution for your business, budget, and customers.

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Teller Cash Recyclers

Grow revenue, speed transactions, and improve cash security.

Transform your financial institution with cash recycling solutions that can adapt to your needs and systems. A variety of integration choices, including direct, software, and middleware help you grow your revenue and profit, speed routine transaction times, and improve your cash security.

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Teller Cash Recyclers

Branch Transformation

Improve customer experience across branches while controlling costs.

Incorporate technology without losing the friendly atmosphere in your branches. Our team can help you develop the right mix of technology that best fits your business needs in the short and long term, as well as take on the service of this ecosystem.

We can also help you navigate competitive industry changes, including ITM (interactive teller machine), universal bankers, teller pods, recycling technology, expanded hours, and evolving customer preferences in a way that makes sense for your institution.

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Branch Transformation

Application & Storage Server Solutions

High-volume transaction processing to support the most demanding applications and digital business processes.

Get the industry-leading performance you want at a competitive price. Burroughs offers a complete, premium server operating environment for your core financial applications. Servers provide robust scalability, data integrity, security, and the flexibility to run in a variety of operating system environments.

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Application _ Storage Server Solutions

"One of the things that we as a company make decisions on when we are partnering with someone is how well we work together. As a company, we have utilized Burroughs for over 40 years, and my personal experience with them over the past 37 years has been excellent. They continue to provide superior technical support, quality products, and reliable field service technicians."

Jim Posani, 
Operations Manager-Group/Reg, The Huntington National Bank