Burroughs: Your Guide to the World of IoT Technologies

The diversity of applications of IoT technologies can be dizzying to keep up with, let alone stay ahead of. Not only does this put a strain on OEM technician networks and on your in-house technical networks, but it puts your operations that rely on IoT technology at risk. 

No matter the scope or scale of your IoT devices, Burroughs’ robust network of expert service technicians is ready to keep pace:

  • Sports Simulators and Entertainment Centers: Our experienced technicians are constantly trained on the latest technology to ensure the IoT devices throughout your sports simulators and entertainment centers are delivering the real-time data needed to provide an immersive experience for your customers.

  • 5G / Edge CPE and Wireless Access Points: Your 5G and edge IoT devices are relied on to provide the high-speed, low-latency, around-the-clock communications your applications need. Our comprehensive field coverage will allow your devices to deliver the connectivity your customers expect.

  • Retail Automation: Use retail automation systems to streamline your retail operations, with tools like vision systems, RFID, and smart shelves to enable inventory management, checkout processes, and customer service.

  • Air and Vacuum Vending: IoT-powered vending stations that automate services, such as tire inflation and car cleaning, are always standing by ready to support customers via secure, seamless, contactless transactions.

  • Smart Parking: Customers want reliable and secure payment transactions and payment systems. Plus, they rely on your ability to deliver IoT-based smart parking solutions and data analytics to improve parking space utilization and urban mobility.

  • Mobile Scanning and Computing: Our remote monitoring and advanced parts management services help to ensure your IoT-enabled mobile devices are ready to streamline data collection and analysis to make your inventory management on schedule.

  • RFID and Other Sensors: IoT sensors—like radio-frequency identification (RFID) tags—optimize asset tracking, inventory management, and environmental monitoring, with no room for downtime.


The Vanguard in End-to-End IoT Technology Support

IoT technologies are rapidly changing how we interact with our environment, both personally and professionally. And as installation costs decrease, applications in which IoT technologies can support business operations and awareness (and their potential to suffer from wear and tear) will also increase.

This is why you need a partner that has a digital-first approach built up on our industry-leading, around-the-clock secure remote monitoring support that work to ensure your devices’ lifespan and functionality reach their full potential.

Our Burroughs Digital Platform enables predictive, proactive device management and intelligent solutions powered by a full suite of integrated, cloud-based software solutions. This capability—combined with our deep industry expertise—gives you peace of mind knowing that your entire technology fleet is optimizing uptime, performance, and security.


Connect with Trailblazers in Connected IoT Technology

Want to ensure your business stays at the cutting edge of IoT technology? Then you need Burroughs in your corner.

Contact Burroughs today to discover how our experts can deliver the proactive and comprehensive support your IoT devices require.