TransacTec™ Device as a Service

Make life easier for your employees and customers.

Get full lifecycle support through our TransacTec™ Device as a Service program. Offering you access to an evolving ecosystem of multi-vendor products and best-in-class services under one monthly payment, TransacTec™ empowers you to optimize your business operations without capital expense. You can also offer your customers the latest in technology without the barrier to adoption through our Channel Partner Program.

Smart safes, cash recyclers, and more are all backed by our OEM-agnostic support, dedicated project management, analytics, predictive logistics, and next-gen remote managed services.

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make life easier for retail

Cash Recyclers

Free up cash, save labor, and increase customer service.

No matter the size or type of your business, cash management can make or break your operational efficiency. Streamline your entire cash management processes with back office and POS cash recyclers.

These devices are key to bolstering your bottom line:
  • Receive deposit credit 2-3 days sooner for cash in the safe.
  • Save 30 minutes per till per day with the ability to open and close tills faster.
  • Reduce internal and external cash losses.
  • Shrink armored carrier costs by reducing the number of visits and change orders.
  • Gain more cash visibility by forecasting and optimizing cash in stores.
  • Eliminate trips to the bank with remote check deposits.
  • Detect counterfeit banknotes and secure your bottom line.

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coin and cash recyclers

Smart Safe Technology & Cache2Cash®

Achieve operational efficiencies with a total networked solution.

The average business needlessly loses about 1.38% of revenue due to shrinkage alone. Take your loss prevention to the next level with technology that prevents and identifies shrinkage, helping you not only improve operational health, but also employee morale and the experiences and prices you offer customers.

Smart safes paired with Cache2Cash®, a web reporting service, provide a total networked solution for better cash flow, simpler balancing, and the ability to scan and credit checks with seamless POS integration. With Cache2Cash®, you can leverage real-time transaction data and give your teams greater visibility into your business. Remote reporting for audit, balancing, and analysis purposes frees your loss prevention, operations, and finance teams to focus on revenue-generating tasks. And with remote check depositing, you can eliminate trips to the bank, saving additional time and resources.

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Kiosks & Self-Checkouts

Offer your customers options that complement personal service.

Transaction-intensive retailers are using self-service kiosks to free staffing to focus on customer service, decrease overhead costs, and streamline operations.

However, one size does not fit all. Talk with our team to see what may make sense for your business. We’ll work with you to design a purpose-built solution that takes into account regulatory requirements, security, and ongoing maintenance.

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Kiosks _ Self-Checkouts

“I see a 36% savings in managers’ time alone [using the SmartCash Vault]. We’ve freed up 2-3 hours per day that they spent counting money equating to over $70K per year. Now they have more time to be managers.”

Wayne Adamczyk,
Director of Operations, JDD (12 McDonald’s Franchises)